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Evolution in Kid’s Fashion

The focus on children’s clothing has evolved as have all the things present today. In the past, all the attention was on women’s fashion, particularly clothing for upper-class women. A lesser extent given to men’s clothing. However, the subject of Kid’s Fashion clothing is hardly ever discuss in historic costume books, at the very least in the form of a footnote.

The reasons for Kid’s apparel being poorly informed are that for a long time, kids are  dress as smaller than average adults. Therefore, when we examine clothing during the medieval era or during the rococo period, the information we find does not accurately represent the time period.

History: How children clothing evolve?

As the philosophy of childhood changed in the 18th century, children were no longer thought to be born with sin, but as being born with an inherent innocence. The French philosopher Rousseau had a vast influence on this change. Around 1750 or 1760, children began wearing frocks. Until around the early 1900s, all babies and toddlers wore dresses. But due to the advancement of technology, today’s little girls wear suits.

In modern times, girls can wear men’s clothes, but not the other way around. However, it wasn’t the case in the 19th century, when little boys and girls were dressed alike. There was not much difference in how girls were dressed during that time, though at that time girls weren’t allowed to wear pants. Before the Second World War, girls’ clothes were dresses, pantalets, smocks, and pinafores.

Different types of Kid’s Clothing


Before the second world war, girls wore dresses as their basic clothing since it was not common for them to wear shorts or pants.


As with the ladies’ blouse, it was a very famous item of clothing during the 19th century. It is due to the American reformer and educator Amelia Bloomer born 1818 – 1894, who was a champion for women’s rights during this time. However, Elizabeth Smith Miller is credited with coming up with the concept of bloomers as she invented this type of garment.


Rompers were mainly for boys and girls Kid’s alike primarily for play. By the end of World War II, rompers had become a basic part of little girls’ wardrobes; they were also use as costumes and for gym class.


Historically, smocks were one of the most common types of children’s clothing. They developed many different styles, accessories, embellishments, and embellishments. There were smocks of different colours, smocks with different buttoning styles, etc.


Pinafores were consider as an important part of the girls’ wardrobe. However, they are mainly for little girls in Europe and America.


Pantalets are generally for both boys and girls. Boys typically wear plain ones, and girls wear fancier ones, although some boys also like to wear fancy ones.

Sailor suits

Initially, sailors’ suits were primarily boys’ garments, but as more girls started wearing them, they became unisex.


As same as adult fashion, kids’ fashion has all become the major competition in the market. The different types of kids’ clothing became trending. Moreover, there are various kids clothing brands that are for kids clothing only. So, learn in our blogs how the brands are evolve. Additionally, learn the specification of brands products. We will not only explain Indian brands of kids clothing, but we will also explain the top-level global kid’s fashion brands as it is time to keep yourself updated via fashion.

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